Pigweeds Beat Us to the Field

Walking behind peanut planters this week, I noticed that our pesky friend Palmer Amaranth was one step ahead. The standard practice on many area farms is to apply glyphosate with the pre-emerge herbicides behind the planter. In past years we have recieved many calls from farmers missing these Palmer Amaranth with glyphosate applications. Nowdays, I just assume that these weeds are resistant to both Glyphosate and Cadre as a general rule, because there is only one way to find out. THE HARD WAY. We still have our old reliable, paraquat (Gramoxone/Parazone/Firestorm), which mixes well with our pre-emerge herbicides, and can kill these small weeds at low rates. Scout your fields and read your labels. Use an Oil at 1 gallon per 100 gallons of water to increase weed injury.March 28 2013

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