Feekes 10.5 in Wheat

I have had calls all spring asking about Feekes 10.5 in wheat. Many of our fungicide labels specify this growth stage related to application timing. Some chemicals specify not to apply past this growth stage, while others recommend an application at Feekes 10.5  for control of Fusarium Head Blight. Feekes 10.5 is a more complicated growth stage than others. It is defined as follows:

anthers Feekes All heads out of sheath

10.51 Beginning of flowering

10.52 Flowering complete to top of head

10.53 Flowering complete to base of head

10.54 Flowering completed. Watery kernels.


I took this photo in a wheat field in Columbia County on April 12. The anthers are the structure which carries pollen, and you can see the anthers are visible across the length of the head. Therefore, pollen shed is complete, or we have flowering complete to base of head. Therefore, this field is at Feekes 10.53.

In reference to fungicide use, I looked at the label for a few of the more popular this year and the references to Feekes 10.5

Tebuconazole 3.6-Optimum timing for Fusarium Head Blight protection is the beginning of flowering.

Tilt-Apply Tilt at approximately 50% flowering for Fusarium Head Blight Suppression

Headline- Does not control Fusarium Head Blight. Apply no later than the beginning of flowering.



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