Peanut Harvest (Video)

Harvest pictures and videos have been rolling in on email and my smartphone. I anticipated some great things to come from these videos and a few days ago I sat down to figure out what to do with 85 minutes worth of video I had. As I  sit here distressed, the phone is ringing off the hook; “Where is the peanut harvest video?”  We are on a short hiatus from harvest with a couple of days rain. But farms have kept up an intense schedule harvesting April planted peanuts with the last several weeks of dry weather. Everyone could use a few days downtime to repair equipment and hopefully spend a few minutes with family. My reports are that harvest is winding down in the far southern peanut belt (Levy/Gilchrist). Farms in Columbia county were running wide open in peanuts planted the first week of may prior to this slowdown. We are checking maturity on a few fields planted in Mid May and they aren’t ready yet. I maintain many farms in this area will set farm-average yield records with the near perfect conditions throughout the growing season.

P.S. If you have any digging and picking footage you would like to share, I am putting together a montage (many pictures and videos) from many farms that I would like to put together at season’s end. Please send your pics or video by email ( Smartphone footage works great, video camera even better.


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