Farmers Report Good Cotton Yields (Video)

Our area had a large increase in cotton acres in 2013 due to favorable prices and interest in crop rotation. Many farmers in the area have been talking about their crops and I am hearing reports ranging from about 1.25 to slightly above 2.0 bales per acre. One bale is 500 lbs of ginned cotton.  Jamie Driggers from B&L Farming recently sent me iPhone video from the field that I wrote about in a previous blog during planting time. The module builder shown in Jamie’s video holds about 14 bales of cotton.

Strip-Till April Cotton

Here is a link to the report when B&L Farming were strip-tilling one of their first planted fields. Its is funny when I read back on that post the weather was cool and wet. It stayed that way most of the summer. Jamie said their cotton crop is “knocking on the door” at 2 bales and they will know more after getting some reports back from the gin. Thanks to Jamie for sharing  harvest with us.

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