Fall Sweet Corn Crop

Did you know…..

  • Florida ranks #1 nationally in the production and value of fresh market sweet corn, typically accounting for approximately 20 percent of both national sweet corn production and of U.S. cash receipts for fresh sales (1).
  • Sweet corn has typically ranked as one of Florida’s four most valuable vegetable crops. During the 2004-05 production season harvested acreage for sweet corn represented 15 percent of the state’s total vegetable acreage.
  • A total of 487 million pounds of fresh sweet corn, valued at $117 million, was produced on 26,300 acres in Florida during the 2006 season. Florida’s fresh sweet corn producing acreage has ranged from a high of nearly 51,300 acres harvested in 1992 to less than 27,000 acres harvested in 2006 .
  • Costs to deliver a sweet corn crop to market vary somewhat, depending upon the production region and other factors. Typically, total costs for a crop are approximately $3,800 per acre.

One of our local farmers has been harvesting the fall sweet corn crop. You may remember a video this spring where they used a “mule train” and a large crew to harvest and pack in the field. Things are a little more low-key this time of year and I was around for harvest this time using a one-row ear picker and the crew is packing in the shed. Once again I am just amazed at the equipment ag manufacturers develop. This machine is simple and uncomplicated, yet easily does the work of many people. While sweet corn “season” is over and winter rapidly approaching, Florida sweet corn is in the store virtually year round for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy the video.

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