Corn Silage Hybrid Trials

DSC03568Corn grown for silage is an important crop here in the Suwannee Valley, with many dairies feeding corn silage as an important part of their rations. There is about 20,000 acres of production in Florida, and Suwannee County typically leads the state in acres of corn harvested for silage. UF/IFAS recently released the results of the Corn Silage Hybrid Trials which were conducted at Plant Science Research Unit in Citra, FL. I see many new hybrids on the list which I am unfamiliar with. Our seed salesmen are telling us several of the more widely planted hybrids will not be available next year. It is very important to look at multiple locations and years of data before making the important decision of what corn hybrids to plant. However, here is data to help make those decisions.

2013 Corn Silage Hybrids 

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