Planters Chasing Combines

Throughout North Florida farmers are busy with planters chasing the combine as small grains are being harvested and cash crops planted. We have been blessed with consistent rainfall the entire spring, and there has been plenty of moisture to get crops established without any issues. Most seasons farmers feel like they give up a little yield with the double crop system, because the cash crop misses the ideal planting window. However it appears that cool soil temps may have resulted in reduced stands of early planted crops. Crops planted behind rye, oats, and wheat are being planted under optimum soil temperatures with ample soil moisture this year. Rye harvest appears to be “average,” although we aren’t getting trucks weighed and keeping strict measurements, we are hearing about average yields in the 20’s to about 25. There are some cases where, livestock, weed control, fertilization, ponds, and other issues are holding back overall yields. Mostly conditions have been suitable with good drying conditions. I am just hearing the first attempts at wheat harvest locally. Only those with drying bins are able to begin harvest at this time.  The wheat grown in this area is used to feed livestock primarily.

Mr. Jeff Willis of Lake City helped me  make this video on his farm. Jeff tries to get a cover crop on every acre for either cash sale, seed patch for next year, silage or baleage for cattle feed, winter grazing, or residue left on the field for land builder. Therefore, the planter is chasing a harvester for much of the spring.


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