Peanuts Strip-tilled into Bahiagrass

Peanuts strip-tilled into Bahiagrass

Peanuts strip-tilled into Bahiagrass

I have been working with an Extension Intern this summer to collect information from farmers about challenges they encounter in integration of cattle and row crops in their operation. Many have indicated labor and expense of preparing grass fields for row crop planting is a barrier to rotation of grass with row crops. We are simultaneously working with the Starling Farm in Suwannee County to document crop responses to fertilization at a site where peanuts were strip-tilled directly into spring killed bahiagrass.  We fertilized these peanuts in randomized and replicated 10 row strips that match the harvest ability of the peanut combine.

On July 3 we collected plant biomass and leaf nutrient composition data. We also flew the “Flying Gator”  to see if we could easily identify differences among treatments. I didn’t identify any clear differences. We will look more closely at the data we collected to determine differences among treatments. Here is a YouTube video showing a good view of the farm which looks great so far and has had near optimum conditions since planting.



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  1. good post mace. the starlings are one of 4 farms that are working with the Suwannee County Conservation District, FDACS and U F- IFAS to demonstrate theis sod based rotation in Suwannee, Hamilton and Alachua counties. All 4 farms have dedicated 40 + acres for 4 years to demonstrate this on the sandier soils of north central florida All crops will be planted using conservation tillage methods. Field day/tour planned at Starling Farm for Aug. 19th

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