Moving Irrigation Systems (down the road)

Buggy made from a car frame and chassis to move irrigation towers

Buggy made from a car frame and chassis used to move irrigation towers.

When farmers in the area gain or lose cropland from year to year, sometimes a center pivot irrigation system needs to be relocated to another farm. In one recent case, the property was sold, and the farmer owned irrigation system was moved to a nearby property. It is usually mid-winter when I see one of these rigs moving down the highway, and that was the recent situation.

Farmers always devise the most innovative ideas and equipment to get a job done. Particularly when few alternatives exist. In this situation, the guys said they had a “patent pending” on the system, and jokingly asked that I not to take any close ups of their design. In reality they are doing things the simplest way they know. I asked for more information about the buggy, and found out it was an old car frame and chassis, with a seat bolted on. I couldn’t help but think of the old bumper sticker, “GET IN, SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND HANG ON!” Enjoy the ride boys, enjoy the ride.

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