Blue Mold in Tobacco

DSC00013Tobacco has been transplanted in Columbia County and  has started growing in good conditions. Although we are not seeing any issues locally, Dr. J. Michael Moore, UGA Extension Agronomist, wanted to get the word out about possible blue mold moving from greenhouses to fields on transplants.

Blue mold was identified in 6 greenhouses in Georgia over Easter weekend.  Growers are to be commended for their aggressive efforts to prevent spread of blue mold in the greenhouses and to the fields.  These greenhouses are now empty.  We are not aware of the presence of active blue mold in any fields in the state.  Below are the chemical control recommendations for blue mold in field grown tobacco.

Chemicals available for prevention of Blue Mold in field grown tobacco.


Disease Cultural Management Chemicals

(read and follow the label)

Blue mold

(Peronospora tabacina)

Destroy unused seedlings as soon as

possible. Avoid planting in shaded areas.

Avoid close plant spacings.

Dithane DF Rainshield,

Manzate ProStick, or

Penncozeb 75 DF at

1.5–2 lb/100 gal

Spray foliage weekly for complete coverage. Stop spraying all

products  21 days before harvest.


+ Dithane DF Rainshield,

Manzate ProStick, or

Penncozeb 75 DF

7.0 fl oz/100 gal water

+ 2.0 lb/100 gal water

Aliette WDP at 2.5–4 lb/acre Apply preventively or at first sign of blue mold. Apply until 3

days before harvest

Presidio at 4 fl oz/acre See label for spray volumes.
Quadris at 6–12 fluid oz/acre See label for spray volumes.
Revus at 8 fluid oz/acre Do not apply within 7 days before harvest
Orondis Gold + Ridomil Gold

4.8 oz + 8 oz

Apply in transplant water or at first cultivation or at layby
Actigard 50WG 0.5 oz / A: Up to 3 applications beginning when plants are 12 inches tall.

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