Peanut Cultivar Decisions

As the economics get tighter, farmers are contemplating how far to stray from Georgia 06-G which has been a reliable cultivar for several years. Several farmers have mentioned looking at high oleic peanuts for a small premium, and we often wonder if one of the new cultivars offers higher yield potential or better disease tolerance. The broad recommendation is not to stray “too far.” However, it is suggested to look at a few new cultivars so that when the next big thing comes along you have seen how it will perform on your farm under you management. Farmers might also find cultivars that might fit a special niche in their program. This could be some advantage with maturity, disease tolerance, yield on particular soil types, or many other reasons farmers might develop a favorite cultivar.

It benefits farmers to examine production data from many trials, locations, and management practices before selecting seed for their farm. Mr. Wade Parker, UGA Extension Agent, has conducted peanut cultivar trials in Jenkins County Georgia for many years.  He recently shared  data  from the 2015 trials in Jenkins County to assist in making peanut cultivar decisions.

Midville 14-15 variety data2 Peanut graph--20152


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