Corn Harvest in Full Swing (Video)

Corn harvest is in full swing here in the area. Farmers are reporting good yields and good harvest weather over the last several weeks. Many are drying corn in their facilities from 25% moisture or less before hauling to the end users or merchandisers who are buying the corn to resell. Corn acreage was up about 30% in this area due to spring prices favoring corn on irrigated land.

All these corn acres don’t come without a downside, and we are seeing our share of obstacles. First, with frequent thunderstorms much of this corn is blowing down before harvest. Second, there are limited hopperbottom trailers and dump trailers for hauling all this corn. While we have more acres, there aren’t necessarily any more trucks and trailers to haul. Combines and carts are often seen parked waiting for trucks to return from a long line at the corn buyer. Finally, I’m hearing reports of buyers loaded up, unable to take anymore corn. We expected there to be a glut of corn at the peak of harvest and that is definitely the case. We hope the hungry chickens and cows can chew through some of this supply and free up bin space for the later harvested corn.

Come along with us for a “tractor drivers view” of corn harvest. I followed 83 Farms, LLC from field to the drying bins and onto the buyers in Lake City. Interestingly, this corn was being loaded directly onto railcars to be taken into North Georgia and the Carolinas to meet the needs of the livestock industries in that area. Following the Midwest Drought of 2012, many end users are scrambling to meet grain needs before the large harvest in the Midwest begins. Area farmers were happy to deliver.

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